Tools That Can Be Integrated into Applications

  • Customizable Data Entry Forms
  • Help Desks
  • Lookup Tables
  • ISO Managers
  • Meeting Managers
  • Website Design & Hosting
  • Address Books
  • CRM Tools
  • Customizable eBooks
  • Image Presentations w/ Hierarchies
  • File Management w/ html Interfaces
  • Real Estate Sites
  • Shopping Carts
  • Reporting Tools

The Spell Checker
Our On-Line Spell Checker has the ability to check for misspelled words within a web form.   It also "remembers" words that the user may want to accept as they are spelled.   At the top of the Spell Checker window is a reference to symbols and special letters for foreign languages (ñ,é,÷,®,©,…).   By clicking on a symbol, it will br added to the form window below.   Most of our applications offer a pop-up window with the functionality of the symbol insertion, and also the Spell Checker on data entry forms.

Calendar Choices
Nine different types of calendars for managing data entry.   Includes calendars in different languages, Monthly, Quarterly, and reservation calendars, along with calendars that can be modified to fit certain styles or data selection needs.

Measurements Application
A single page application that will convert virtually any measurement to any other measurement.   It is completely driven by client side scripting, and therefore does not make trips to the server for each calculation, and also responds more quickly as a result.

Data Entry Screen
An Example of a basic Data Entry Screen that has the Look and Feel of Excel and Access Combined.   Click on a name from the list above, and the detail information will appear below.   The toolbars across the middle of the screen function just like in Access or Excel.   The Record navigation allows you to move between records for Next, Previous, First, and Last, while displaying a count a reference pointer.   The data columns on the page can be sorted ascending or descending by clicking on the column name header.   Also, the drop-down lists within the column header name will limit the selection criteria to the choice on the list.

Help Application
A Help Application that is driven completely by SQL Data tables that can be easily maintained through a simple User interface.   All the code is generated from an SQL table, so it is dynamic, but it interacts client side, so that once loaded, it does not make additional trips to business server.

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