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Database Engineers, Inc. is your friend in data management.   We provide personalized business software, customization to existing software applications, and generation of reports from existing data.

We combine our computer knowledge with a background in marketing, business management and statistical analysis to bring to your business a development team with true business understanding and real life business experience.

Our goal is to design software and database applications that fulfill your company’s exact needs and at prices that are typically 1/3 to 1/5 the cost of off-the-shelf software packages.

Off-the-shelf databases and software packages provide a combination of functionality and features often very broad and extensive.   A marketting approach that’s used by the vendors is that the package price will typically reflect only about 50% to 33% of the cost if these features were to be purchased separately.   However, it is also usually the case that your company will only be making use of about 10% of the total features and functions.   That means you are paying 3 to 5 times the cost for what you’re actually making use of.

By focusing on your company’s exact needs, we provide you with software at prices that are typically 1/3 to 1/5 the cost of off-the-shelf software and databases, and that are already customized to your business’ exact needs thus eliminating the need for further customization.

Our code is written in standard syntax that any qualified technician could easily follow and maintain or enhance or make additions to.   Because of such it eliminates the need for maintaining a professional on staff for a particular software or hiring costly specialized contractors for a proprietary package or paying for expensive customer support on an annual basis.

Our applications are designed using a coding approach which minimizes usage of your servers by passing the work to the users computer.   In this way, the users computer performs the work, and does not make trips back to your server several times, as the approach does.   Not only is there less network traffic to and from your server, there is less CPU overhead in performing the tasks.

We design our applications to have the same look and feel as favorite and familiar software packages that users aready feel comfortable with, such as Excel and Access.   The data input interfaces and reporting interfaces are customized to your company’s personal and specific needs.   All of the database table structures, design architect, and the ability to access and review your raw data for backup or transference needs is enabled to your system administrators via a portal that offers a direct connection.   To wrap up our applications, we add any charts, graphs, or other reports as may be needed per the different departments of your organization that will be making use of our application(s), typically using "Crystal Reports", the industry standard in reporting tools.

During deployment, all necessary end-user training for your software and database design is rendered without additional charge.

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Please call us at (813) 957-7599 to discuss upcoming projects for your company, no matter how small or large.   We look forward to hearing from you, and providing your company with its data needs.

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